Courage Manifestation Candle Set

Connect to your Greatness

This set is ideal when facing a big decision that requires COURAGE, CLARITY, and CONFIDENCE.  An EMPOWERMENT CARD is provided with the steps and process to connect to your truth for courage, clarity, and confidence. 

  • CANDLE with Pure Essential Oils – Cypress for Courage, Cedarwood for Inner Strength, Cardamom for Wisdom and Sweet Orange for simultaneously lifting and relaxing your spirits.
  • EMPOWERMENT CARD with steps and process to connect to your truth and greatness for direction.
  • SILVER BOWL embossed with a mandala which symbolizes UNITY and HARMONY
  • SAGE to cleanse yourself and your space
  • GIFT BOX perfect for gifting or storing your set



Products with a purpose that helps to connect on a deeper level for a more meaningful life.



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