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Zen Moon

Be the Light Manifestation Candle Set

Be the Light Manifestation Candle Set

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Be a LIGHT in this world and bring EASE and GRACE into your life.  A perfect way to start or end your day. Intentionally infuse your energy with light, and you will feel the power of the Universe working in partnership for your highest good.  We provide an EMPOWERMENT CARD with the steps and process to cleanse, protect and raise your vibration.

What's Included

  • Candle with Pure Essential Oils – Lemon Myrtle is for mental focus, as well as spiritual and intuitive visions. Anise provides protection and purification. Thieves Blend will cleanse negative emotions and remove impurities when airborne.
  • Empowerment Card to guide your process and help you connect to your truth and reach your optimal resonance.
  • Silver Bowl embossed with a mandala which symbolizes Unity and Harmony.
  • Sage to cleanse yourself and your space.
  • Gift Box perfect for gifting or storing your set.

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