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Zen Moon

Prosperity Manifestation Candle Set

Prosperity Manifestation Candle Set

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Prosperity, Health, Peace & Happiness – for the home, and all who reside within.

Burning bayberry has been used by Native Americans for centuries. Celebrated for bringing in prosperity, health, happiness, and peace to your home and all who reside.  Used at the start of a new year, when moving to a new home, or if the energy feels unsettled.

What's Included

  • Candle with Bayberry Pure Essential Oil to bring in Prosperity, Health, Happiness, and Peace to your home and all who reside.
  • Empowerment Card with steps and process to connect to your truth and greatness for direction.
  • Silver Bowl embossed with a mandala which symbolizes Unity and Harmony.
  • Sage to cleanse yourself and your space.
  • Gift Box perfect for gifting or storing your set.

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